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Why are you here?


Perhaps the better question is, why are we here?  It's the question that religion has sought to answer for ages. As conscious beings, we naturally feel a desire to know our purpose, but looking to a god ultimately fails, because there simply is no god to hand down your divine destiny. There are just unscrupulous or ignorant people who understand this need and exploit it by asking for tithes or alleginace in order to help you more clearly hear what this imaginary man in the sky wants you to do.


The real answer?  We don't know. That's for you to decide as, quite frankly, we'll proceed as though we are here for whatever reason we want!  We are human animals, and like animals, we have instinctual drives to find food and shelter, to look for patterns and reasoning in our world, to develop bonds with other people, and to create families and communities.  Biologically, we think and interact at a different level than other species so, apart from these basic needs for survival, it seems that each of us looks for something outside of ourselves to truly be happy.

So why is That Atheist Place here? We're here, not to argue with christians or to fight conservative right-wing politicians or to criticize how islam treats women (although all of these things may inevitably occur on this site or in our discussions). We are here to help you, our fellow atheists, to have an environment that allows you the freedom to develop your purpose as opposed to "discovering" it or worse, having one thrust upon you.


We seek to do this by providing an outlet for atheists, a haven for agnostics, and to be sirens to theists who may have more questions than their respective religions can answer. Our methods of discussion center around humor, education, and most of all inclusion as we want to be a catalyst for growing our communities so vastly that one day we won't even be deemed necessary.


What can you do right now? Click here and join our mailing list to stay informed about future events, promotions, and developments. You can also add us on Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation going. Support our cause by checking out our merch! For every purchase you make, 20% of the profits will go to our crowd-sourced charity, TAPwill: a non-prophet organization helping others just for the hell of it.


We look forward to your questions and comments, your likes and links, your messages and memes. Remember, we are kindred. Not because we think alike, but because WE THINK!

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