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Protesting Protest

Here at That Atheist Place, we endorse finding common ground to solve our collective problems. To be in the epicenter of the Keith Lamont Scott killing and the ensuing backlash was a real test of my resolve on that front. It is so easy to feel compelled to pick a side or take a stance, but without adequate information and with more long range weaponry in my arsenal of plausible solutions, it wouldn't have been fair to do so to gain short term peace.

Protesting isn't peaceful, though, you say? I agree, even peaceful protests invite the throngs that would take advantage of any opening for anarchy in the most basic sense of the word. But, to give yourself an outlet for your anger, confusion, sadness or bewilderment… to dissipate it through protest, yelling, violence, force or flat out pandering… can make an individual feel accomplished.

It's like prayer. To pray for a friend who has diabetes relieves your anxiety about the situation. You are now at peace and resigned to the idea that you've actually done something. Here in the real world, a true friend would help to investigate viable solutions. That is what I hoped to achieve by calling in to Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux. Do you feel that goal was accomplished?

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